Get’em Outdoors Products is commercial licensed to provides fresh and frozen bait to individuals and bait stores. We deliver to all DFW areas.

Item # Item Description UNIT Get’Em Price

GM-1. Shad Chunk Jar Jar $5.00

GM-2. Shad Guts Jar Jar $5.00

GM-3. Shad Heads lbs $4.00

GM-4. Shad Fillets lbs $4.00

GM-5. Bagged Shad<20lbs. lbs $3.75

GM-6. Shad<20lbs. lbs $3.50

GM-7. Bagged Shad>20-100lbs. lbs $3.25

GM-8. Shad>20-100lbs, lbs $3.00

GM-9. Bagged Shad>100lbs, lbs $2.75

GM-10. Shad>100lbs. lbs. $2.50

GM-11. Carp Chunk. lbs. $4.00

GM-12. Buffulo Chunk. lbs. $4.00

GM-13. Punch Bait 10oz. ea. $4.00